Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes Selection of Style

- July 18, 2014
Smokey Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes
Makeup tutorials for brown eyes are one of the easiest eyes makeup that you can do. Because, the dark eyes color will be suitable for any eye shadow colors. Therefore, t will not be difficult to put some colors on your eyes. For one, the soft and natural color can be use. Furthermore, the darker […] Read more

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Selection and Tutorial

- July 16, 2014
Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes
Eyeshadow for blue eyes should use the perfect color. Because, when you ave a blue eye, the color will be very beautiful and mesmerizing. Therefore, it is important to use the eye shadow colors that will make your blue eyes stands out. There are so many options that you have. this article will give you […] Read more

Makeup Brushes: The Types You Should Own with Mac

- June 21, 2014
Types of Makeup Brushes
Makeup Brushes are the one woman should own on their purse. The best thing having the brushes is making your face even more beautiful. The brushes will give woman variety to make their face always look fresh. There are many types of brushes for woman should own, however it can be very challenging when one […] Read more

Makeup Brush Set: Get your Professional One with Mac

- June 21, 2014
Professional Makeup Brush Set
Makeup Brush Set will surely complete your makeup collection. This set offers a variety of brushes for your face. The best thing you can get from this set is you will carry them lightly without having burden taking much stuff. The sets offer the brushes from the small size to the large size. Usually you […] Read more

Eyeshadow Palette: Own the Bright One with Mac

- June 20, 2014
Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow Palette is surely one of the must have item by women. The palette will usually make options what kind of color one wants to have. The color arranged from the lightest to the darkest. The palette usually comes out with small brushes on it. This set also offers small mirror attached on the set. […] Read more

How to Apply Eyeliner: On the Top with Pencil

- June 20, 2014
How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner
How to Apply Eyeliner is another must thing to do for women. The most common thing to do when applying this eyeliner is choose which part of the eye you want to put on the eyeliner. The best way to put on this eyeliner is before going to work, or before shopping. Women always want […] Read more