Green Eyes Makeup Ideas

- September 19, 2014
Natural beauty can be brought out not only with good makeup kits but also by the natural color of the eyes itself. Love the natural color of your eye and be proud that your eyes are amazingly unique and beautiful. Good  techniques and good makeup can help to bring out the color of the eyes. […] Read more

Superheroes Eye Makeup Inspirations

- September 19, 2014
Running out of eye makeup ideas for party and other fun events? Use the theme colors of our super heroes! Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, and Thor are perfect inspiration for the eye colors. Pick the colors from Hulk for beautiful green and purple combination. Blend it with blackish color for some smoky effect of the eyes.This […] Read more

Last Minute Eye Makeup for School

- September 19, 2014
eye school 1
Wake up so early every morning to prepare so many thongs before going to scool is totally crazy. Taking a bath seems to be very fast but as a pretty girl who really care of being at least neat, no girl can just go to school and ignore the pale facial. Alright, so make up […] Read more

Lorde’s Eye Cat Makeup Hacks

- September 18, 2014
Eye cat makeup seems similar to that black winged eyes makeup, yes but there is something different. Eye cat makeup is darker but  less bold than the usual black winged eyes makeup. Lorde is the top singer who applied eye cat makeup on the video clip ‘Royals’. She applied less color and more natural color for […] Read more

Easy Makeup Steps for Small Eyes

- September 18, 2014
small eyes1
Bigger eyes seems always to be world’s favorite and even in Asia countries where the people naturaly have small cute eyes. However, bigger eyes still be considered as pretier. For anyone who want makeup steps to make your cute little eyes bigger, here are the tips. First, trim and pluck your eyebrows so they give space […] Read more

Simplest Mascara Tips for Daily Makeup

- September 18, 2014
As a woman, everything seems never simple and lots thing to do even at our own bedroom. Face is one of women’s most important things to care beside tons of home works. Makeup less face sometimes gives bad mood day, and when this hits us, it is time to put a bit make up on. […] Read more