Eye Makeup Ideas for Yellow Eyes

By: sajilpl / December 16, 2014
yellow eyes
For those who has blue or brown eyes are easily find the ideas for their makeup, but how is for the yellow one? Well, yes there are yellow eyes. Not literally yellow but bright greeny brown eyes. At any purposes, yellow eyes are brightly yellow eyes contact. It need a perfect combination of eye makeup […]Read more

Christmas Eye Makeup Inspired by Elsa “Frozen”

By: sajilpl / December 16, 2014
elsa frozen eyes
The Christmas day is coming and this year amazing inspiration coming from magnificent animation movie Frozen. The incredible scene was when Elsa, the main character, did her magical power to build amazing ice palace. This movie obviously for kids but the beautiful strong woman and this makes many adults state herself with this character. So […]Read more

Eye Shadow Brush Maintenance and Types

By: dhel87 / October 27, 2014
Eye Shadow Brush
Eye shadow brush is the type of tool that people often to forget the necessity. Most people are only focusing on the eye shadows colors. However, the brush also holds an in[orient part to make the perfect makeup. Because, it will be a tool that will directly touch your skin. Therefore, it is important to […]Read more

How to do Nude Smokey Eye Makeup

By: sajilpl / October 3, 2014
natural nude smokey eye
First thing first, clean the brushes because you don’t want to mess the blend of the eyeshadows color blend with the yesterday-color that remain in the brush, so clean up the brush first. To blend the eyeshadow, use the eyeshadow brush, simply you can read here to chose the brush. ┬áSome people use two brushes […]Read more

How to Apply Glitter EyeShadow Correctly

By: sajilpl / October 3, 2014
Glitter eyeshadow is not just for a night party. If you brave enough to be different, glitter eyeshadow can brighten your days too! The sparkling things on your eyelid would easily recognized and this is the point. Make people see your beautiful eyes. Glitter eyeshadow is not too much, the key is how you choose […]Read more

Lipstick Color Trend for Fall 2014

By: sajilpl / October 3, 2014
October is coming and the lipstick color trend is changing to the more warm and girly touch as this 2014 fall would really pretty. There are Nude lipstick color and this is gonna be forever trends as this gives sexy soft lips color and fit to almost any eye makeup colors. Another lipstick color trend […]Read more