The Use of Each Eye Makeup Brush

- October 1, 2014
brush - blending eyeshadow
Ever wonder how makeup artists use those many kinds of brushes in their makeup box? Here are some eye makeup brushes used by professional makeup artists nowadays you may need to know. They are concealer brush for the use of concealer cream under the eyes. This is a small brush with wider base and has […]Read more

How to Correctly Apply White Eyeliner

- October 1, 2014
white eyeliner 2
If you think that white eyeliner is too risky to be used daily even in the day, be sure that it is not true. White eyeliner is as cool as the black one even look cooler for any skin tones. If you have dark color skin, those white shimmery lines would make your eyes look […]Read more

Easy DIY Makeup Removal

- October 1, 2014
olive oil
Enhancing our look by using makeup is giving real result. However, keeping our face healthy is more important than making it look better. Our face has so many times hiding behind those thick makeup and it makes the pores cannot really do their job properly by giving our facial skin fresh air everyday. So it […]Read more

Four Kinds of Fake Eyelashes

- September 30, 2014
natural fake eyelash
Fake eyelash surely makes our eye look more and more fabulous because it adds the thickness of the natural lashes. Yes, it is natural to have those very short and sparse lashes. Fake eyelash is not just look like that. There are at least four basic kinds of fake eyelashes in different shape and size. […]Read more

Contact Lenses for Halloween Eyes 2014

- September 20, 2014
Any ideas for Halloween eyes? Yes! To be a vampire is quite a nice and cool idea. Those vampires movies like Twilight are so amazing and they look so real. The characters of the movie look very real as vampires through their eyes. The red and light brown eyes color with strange eye pupil shape […]Read more

Winter Eye Makeup Ideas

- September 20, 2014
winter eyes3
Winter is coming and for those who want to look hot in the super cold weather, check this out! Winter eye makeup ideas are here. The base color for this winter makeup is blue and white because this color would make your eyes fresh and smooth. There are many varieties for this eye makeup ideas […]Read more