Colorful Eye Makeup Create Different Looks on Your Face

By: theo / April 17, 2014 / No comments
Dramatic Colorful Eye Makeup
Exciting eye is able to make people who have it will be the center of attention, especially when face to face. Colorful eye makeup would make it more interesting, so that people will direct their focus on the eyes. Basically it is when you’re talking two, eyes are the main focus is often seen as […] Read more

Neutral Eye Makeup: For Natural Look

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Neutral Eye Makeup
Women is always identic with makeup, however they cannot separate with makeup. There are a lot of women who always use bold makeup for their daily activities, meanwhile the other else prefer to use neutral makeup, for the eye makeup, they also prefer to use neutral eye makeup. The neutral eye makeup is really suitable […] Read more

Eye Tattoo Makeup: The Permanent Eye Makeup

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Cool Eye Tattoo Makeup
The needs to have perfect appearance make the most of women have to always use makeup for their daily activities. But nowadays, we can find eye tattoo makeup for the permanent eye makeup. Eye tattoo makeup is created especially for the busy people who do not have much time to have perfect eye makeup. For […] Read more