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By: theo / March 19, 2014
Permanent Eye Makeup 2014

The FDA thinks about the ink that is used in the intra dermal tattoo, including the permanent eye makeup, to be cosmetic. When we analyze the safety problem that is associated with the cosmetic, including the tattoo ink, we do an investigation and take the action, as appropriate, to avoid the consumer illness or the injury of permanent makeup. If we want to make a permanent makeup, we should think about the risk that may happen to us.

During 2003 and 2004, the FDA was aware of more than 150 reports of adverse reaction in the consumer to the certain permanent eye makeup ink shades, and it is possible that the actual number of women that are infected is greater. It is because women are more likely to have this permanent makeup. This is considered good for them because they do not need to make a makeup every time they want to go out without considering its negative effect.

In addition to the known adverse reaction, the area of concern includes the eye tattoo removal, the infection that caused from the tattooing, and the getting more variety of pigment and diluents that are taken in the tattooing. All of those aspects have a possibility to cause a negative effect to the costumers. There may be some different negative effects caused by each of those aspects.

Nevertheless, a lot of individuals select to undergo the tattooing in the various forms. For several, it is the aesthetic option or the initiation rite. Several select the permanent eye makeup as the time saver or because they have the physical difficulty doing the regular and the temporary makeup. For those people, a permanent makeup is so helpful and the best thing to do. But for normal people, they would better to apply a regular makeup.

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